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New World Heavyweight Champion: It's about damn time! 

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So been sitting about today reading lots of other peoples views on last nights Wrestlemania. Made me want to come back to this blog, which I seem to keep losing interest in quite quickly again after motivating myself to keep at it! But this time around I’ll try harder!

My overall view on Wrestlemania was that it was a very very solid PPV. There were no matches that anyone could say were bad matches. But the thing that got me was that there were no surprises, no returns, no Ziggler cash in, no backstage comedy skits with legends. Which didn’t give it a ‘big event’ feel. Felt like any other normal PPV with some fireworks and in a bigger venue. All seemed a bit rushed and disjointed and I donno what it was it just didn’t seem and feel right.  

I think for me MOTM was Punk/Undertaker (totally shit myself when Taker teased the suicide dive!) followed not to far behind by Lesnar/HHH. The latter seems to be getting some negative reviews. But for me, I loved it. Lesnar is just a monster and he is just awesome. I knew HHH was going to win so had already gotten over that disappointment going in, so just sat back and really enjoyed it.

Also, loved The Shield winning. Very excited about these 3 guys futures. Just brilliant as a team and have so much potential and talent between them that they could all make it on their own too. 

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Roman Reigns and his beautiful spear on Sheamus

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Been kind of slacking off again here recently.

But last night I really enjoyed Elimination Chamber. Was a very solid show!

Del Rio v Big Show - Another very good and solid match between these 2. I was never a fan of Del Rio as a heel, but since he’s turned face he’s grabbed my attention and im actually been liking him. 

The Miz v Cesaro - Love Cesaro. So much potential there. He can be such a star and go along way. Enjoyed this match. Liked the injury storyline aspect to it.

The Chamber Match - Was really great. Was kind of worried about it. But turned out be be solid. Mark Henry was brilliant. He’s so believable as a full on monster heel. Everyone put on good shows. The sequences off moves that lead up to the end by Y2J and Orton was brilliant as well. Swagger winning makes sense too. Think his feud with Del Rio will be fun.

The Shield v Cena/Ryback/Sheamus - Holy shit this was awesome. Seriously how fucking good are The Shield. Absolutely loved this match and totally love The Shield! Totally marked out when they won!

Ziggler v Kingston - Being a big fan of Ziggler im glad he made it on the card. Was a solid match and the ending gave Big E something to do as well. Maybe a future Kofi/Langston feud here?

Divas match - Tbh I kind of didn’t pay much attention to this one. So no opinion on it. My bad.

The Rock v CM Punk - I donno it was just cause I was tired. But felt this one lacked something and was kind of disappointed in the quality of the match. I love that The Rock one. Been going off Punk a lot recently and im glad The Rock going to take the title into Wrestlemania. Will be interesting to see who Punk goes against at ‘Mania though. Maybe we’ll see something tonight on RAW.